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    Jan 2005

    im new and need help!

    Hi, im relativly new to Java and J2ME but have been set the task of designing an application in J2ME.
    The application is to do with navigation around a building
    It involves the phone user entering where they are (possibly from a dropdown) and selecting their destination
    eg a House example, im in the bedroom looking for the kitchen? You see what i mean?!
    Once this is entered the program will return a map with directions of the route.
    My question is quite broad but i guess what im asking is how is the best way of going about the task, what will i need? complexity, im just after as much help as your willing to give me.
    Thankyou for reading and i hope you can help

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    Nov 2003
    Don't sweat the GUI part too much because most chances are that the target device can't support anything sophisticated. I would thereforr opt for a text based solution: make a decision matrix with entries such as "bathroom", "kitchen" etc. These needn't be real strings, you can use a constant instead. Then for each entry add directions for the rest of the destinations: [kitchen] "turn left, then right"; [bathroom] "go straight, then turn right" and so on. Later, you can design a graphical interface to replace the textual descriptions.
    Danny Kalev

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