Simple Java 3D - Unable to apply Transform3D to rotate object

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Thread: Simple Java 3D - Unable to apply Transform3D to rotate object

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    Simple Java 3D - Unable to apply Transform3D to rotate object

    Hello experts!

    I have a project that has been quite frustrating to me. Please help me get the rotation work...

    Below is a function that is called by clicking on a JButton. This code works:

    private void zoom(boolean in) {
           Transform3D zoom = world3d.zoom;
           zoom.set(zoom.getScale()+(in ? -0.2 : 0.2));
           world3d.zoomg.setTransform(zoom);                       // access member variable
    However, the procedure doesn't work for rotation as follows:

    private void rotateX(boolean cw) {
           Transform3D rot = world3d.rotateX;
           xrot = xrot + (cw ? 0.1 : -0.1);
           rot.rotX (xrot);
           world3d.tgRotateX.setTransform(rot);                    // access member variable
    The constructor for the World3D class is as follows:

    public World3D (Canvas3D canvas3d) {
        mainShuttle = new Shuttle ();     // returns BranchGroup with 3D object
        Transform3D translate = new Transform3D ();
        translate.set (new Vector3f (0.15f, 0.0f, 0.7f));     // Translate to fit on screen
        TransformGroup tg = new TransformGroup (translate);
        zoom.set (0.5);
        zoomg = new TransformGroup (zoom); // Allow for dynamic zoom
        zoomg.setCapability (TransformGroup.ALLOW_TRANSFORM_READ);
        zoomg.setCapability (TransformGroup.ALLOW_TRANSFORM_WRITE);
        tgRotateX = new TransformGroup (rotateX); // Allow for dynamic x-rotation 
        tgRotateX.setCapability (TransformGroup.ALLOW_TRANSFORM_READ);
        tgRotateX.setCapability (TransformGroup.ALLOW_TRANSFORM_WRITE);
        zoomg.addChild (mainShuttle.getBG ());
        tg.addChild (zoomg);
        BranchGroup mainScene = new BranchGroup ();
        tgRotateX.addChild (tg);
        mainScene.addChild (tgRotateX);
        mainScene.compile ();
        SimpleUniverse simpleU = new SimpleUniverse (canvas3d);
        // This moves the ViewPlatform back a bit so the
        // objects in the scene can be viewed.
        simpleU.getViewingPlatform ().setNominalViewingTransform ();
        simpleU.addBranchGraph (mainScene);

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    Are you trying to rotate the world matrix or an object's?

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    The goal was to be able to move around the object. Anyway, I was able to get the rotation to work. What I did was to simply add the static TransformGroup before the dynamic ones. Therefore the code was like:
    zoomg.addChild (mainShuttle.getBG ());
        tgRotateX.addChild (zoomg);
        BranchGroup mainScene = new BranchGroup ();
        tg.addChild (tgRotateX);
        mainScene.addChild (tg);
        mainScene.compile ();

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