I have designed a basic student class diagram (below) in order to write the code for this class.

studentNumber: String
studentName: String

Student(String, String)
getNumber(): String
getName(): String
enterMarks(int, int, int)

Writing the code for the student class (below) was fairly straightforward but I am having problems with another class called tester which tests the student class.


public class Student
   //The attributes
   private String studentNumber;
   private String studentName;
   private int markForMaths;
   private int markForEnglish;
   private int markForScience;

   //The methods

   //The constructor
   public Student (String numberIn, String nameIn)
     studentNumber = numberIn;
     studentName = nameIn;
   //Methods to read the attributes
   public String getStudentNumber()
     return studentNumber;
   public String getStudentName()
     return studentName;

   public void enterMarks(int mathsIn,int engIn, int sciIn)
      markForMaths = mathsIn;
      markForEnglish = engIn;
      markForScience = sciIn;

   public int getMathsMark()
     return (markForMaths);
   public int getEnglishMark()
     return (markForEnglish);
   public int getScienceMark()
     return (markForScience);

   public double calculateAverageMark()
     return (markForMaths + markForEnglish + markForScience)/3.0;
The tester class is the problem, i very simple problem. All i want to change is it to show the name of the student before it asks the student to enter their marks. But it always comes up with errors when i try and do this.
The code is below:

public class StudentTester
   public static void main(String []args)

     int maths,english,science;

     Student Marks;

     System.out.println("Please enter your mark for maths");
     maths = EasyIn.getInt();

     System.out.println("Please enter your mark for english");
     english = EasyIn.getInt();

     System.out.println("Please enter your mark for science");
     science = EasyIn.getInt();

     Student exam = new Student("234444","David Billabonna");
     exam.enterMarks(maths, english, science);

     System.out.println("Student no. is " + exam.getStudentNumber());
     System.out.println("Student name is " + exam.getStudentName());
     System.out.println("Maths mark is " + exam.getMathsMark());
     System.out.println("English mark is " + exam.getEnglishMark());
     System.out.println("Science mark is " + exam.getScienceMark());
     System.out.println("The average mark is " + exam.calculateAverageMark());
Any suggestions would be appreciated