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    Feb 2005

    Can someone help me in this java project

    hey guys ... this is the first time im takin java and i need some help with this project .. im not lookin for the code .. but i jst need soem idea where to start .. im done with the login pages ... so if anyone can help me in making this discussion forum .. thnks guy .. heres my lab specs!


    1. Develop an interactive and dynamic "Discussion Forum" with a 'theme' of your choice.

    2. The system will allow access to at least two different kinds of users.(5 marks) The two types will consist of a "Member" and "Guest". Members may view discussions, add messages, and edit their own passwords (10 marks). Guests may only view discussions (2 marks) . The discussion room will allow the user to select the number of messages to display (5 marks). Database and page design and interface issues are entirely left to the student, but you will be marked on appearance and "user-friendliness"(10 marks).

    3. Guests must have the ability to become registered members interactively. Do not allow duplicate user names (5 marks) .

    4. A message will consist of at least - Date & Time, Message, Sender and one "user-defined preference" (10 marks). Sender and Date & Time will be automatically added by the system.

    5. Members will be able to set at least two additional preferences: (4 marks)

    * a preference that lasts for a single session only, and must be set each time
    * a preference that is persistent, and stored in the database

    6. Develop and implement the required database and tables. (3 marks).

    The following guidelines should be followed during the development of this lab.

    1. While cooperation and sharing of information is encouraged, independent work is required

    2. All JavaScript and Java and JSP code must be adequately commented (5 marks)

    3. Adequate Client-side and Server-side validation must be included (5 marks)

    4. Unsuccessful Login attempts must be limited to 3 or less per session. So, once someone has tried logging in 3 times, your application will no longer accept their requests to login (the login just fails everytime, regardless of which username and password are provided). (3 marks)

    5. In the database, record the number of times someone tries to login unsuccessfully 3 times in a row. (5 marks)

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    Nov 2004
    Haven't time to go into details here but I would have
    made myself a DiscussionEntry class and make
    it serializable (see the discussion between ashier and I on serialization between applets and servlets).

    The DiscussionEntry class I would have supplied w. a
    prev, identifyling which discussionEntry
    an entry was a reply to. A null there would indicate
    the start of a discussion thread.

    I would also have implemented the comparable
    interface in this class to perform various sort operations
    using the Collections.sort() method.

    Good luck w. the servlets html coding slavery
    eschew obfuscation

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    Feb 2005
    thnx buddy ! ..
    i think java is the hardest course i have ever taken in this program !!
    after doing .NET class ... i have JAVA ... java seems to be a lot of labour after .NET !

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    Nov 2004
    Yes, .NET is like having a robot in the front seat, while
    sitting in the back beleiving that you are in control of
    the car

    The hardest job I have ever had with the .NET package
    was when I was trying to deinstall the trial version from
    my computer....

    I don't hate MS and don't envy Bill Gates his
    house, but I loathe the fact that this company
    has tricked the entire world into beleiving that
    rebooting is an integral part of computing.
    eschew obfuscation

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    Feb 2005
    haha yea .. i craeted a working online video system which brings back video info and edits the inventory and auto validators .. took me like 1 day to finish the whole system !
    its so easy and seems so powerful !!
    but i just cant get hold on this java !
    i still have no idea where to begin .. coz i went thru some stff on this forum .. but its all going over my head ! coz we have been taught only .JSP and .JAVA pages .. not even beans !! i have no idea wat todo !! n its due in 1 week !! pleaseee helppp meee !!

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