Sorry for complete newbie-ness:
1) Can I not just copy the whole myapp directory out of the wwwroot on my local machine and put it in the same location on the server?

2) If not, do I have to go through the process of creating a deploy/release project?

3) If so, I tried that (selecting "Primary OUtput" and "Content files" in the process) and it creates two dirs "Debug" and Release". The only purported .msi fil is in the "Debug" directory along with a Setup.exe and a setup.ini...

.. then I run the "Release MyApp.msi" file on the target (new) server and it creates a directory MyApp with one sub dir "bin" and three DLLs... which encompass the class libraries... nothing apparently related to the web-part of the solution.

Is this overkill? Does it sound like I messed up?