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Thread: Zip And Jar

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    Question Zip And Jar

    Hi everyone,

    I have a small program in which i try to encrypt a zip or jar file but here is the thing in that eveything can be decrypted and encrypted without any problems but the archives(either a jar or zip file) after decryption later cannot be read. This does not happen for other type of files. I notice this only happens to archives.

    Why is this so?

    I hope someone can explain to me this in detail

    Thank You

    Yours Sincerely

    Richard West

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    Hi Richard,

    I don't know if it is of any help, but I had a similar problem when I wrote
    a small program to download PDF files from the internet.

    Other files came down correctly, but it seemed that the PDF files were corrupt.

    I found in my program that I was using InputStreamReader/BufferedStream reader which I suspect was doing some cr/lf conversions in the background.

    All that I really know is that I fixed it by using a plain InputStream instead.
    Hope this helps

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    Are you archiving after you encrypt, or do you archive and then encrypt? If the latter, then you are running into a problem with the interaction between encryption and the archiving format, which might include an encryption mechanism of its own ... Where have you searched for a solution to this? I would think that you are not the first to face this problem ...
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