Hi there, :WAVE:

I can't manage with vector<void*> class implementations, so I don't understand the following use of push_back func.
class StringVector : public vector<void*> {
    void push_back(string* s) {
In vector.h (expected) are no implementations.
Where can I find all of implementations of overloaded push_back functions?

The definition above, seems a bit odd to me.
If the base class function is overloaded in its own class to dealing with string*,
why should we override it in inherited class to get the same form?

One more strange thing is vector<void*> class.
Is it possible that base vector<void*> class is 'created' in inherited class for first time (meaning, no declaration for that class in library)?
In other words, are there implementations of vector class (somewhere in library) for all numerous arg. types (<int>,<int*>,<int&>,<float>,..........)?
If not, seems strange to inherit something from 'nonestablished' class.