Ok, I am new to Access 2000, or any Access, so I don't know the lingo.
I'll try to explain my question as well as I can :

The user enters information into a record...a medical record, like a name, an address, and some
particulars like what type of medications this person is taking...asprin, amoxcicillan, whatever.

Ok, now I want to print out an instruction sheet for this person with regards to the types of
meds they're taking. This sheet would contain recommended dosage, side effects, drug interactions,
whether to take it with a meal or not. This sheet would contain all this information by looking at
"aspirin" in the peron's database file, and then expand on this information in a printout.

In other words, I type in "aspirin" and in return Access prints out a whole bunch of information
on asprin, which the person will find useful.

Now technically I know I'd have to have a (I'm assuming) seperate database with the keyword "aspirin"
and then all this information somehow stored under it. And again somehow they'd have to be linked or
queried, or mined, or whatevered into order to make it work.

Basically I think I'm asking for the equivilant of a computer-librarian. Where I can ask for information
by word (like "aspirin"), and the librarian will give me all the information available in the database.

So how do I do it? lol.
Thanks. - Eric