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You are required to develop a Java program to implement the following Lottery application. When the program starts the user should have a choice of placing bets , drawing the lottery numbers, or displaying a list of all bets placed. This choice will be presented using a JtabbedPane.

Placing bets
The user is allowed to place any number of bets. Each bet is 6 different numbers between 1 and 49 (inclusive) and costs one pound. Each bet must be accompanied by the users name; there are no tickets in this lottery. The user should also be able to place a ‘lucky dip’ bet in which the program chooses 6 random numbers for them. Details of all bets should be written to a file. The file will be specified by means of the standard Windows file dialog and the file name will be displayed in the statusBar. For every bet, the 6 numbers should be written to file in ascending order.

Drawing Lottery Numbers
The winning numbers will be 6 different numbers between 1 and 49 which are randomly chosen. After the winning numbers are drawn your program should print a list of people who have won. The different ways of winning are as follows:
1 correct number £3
2 correct numbers £6
3 correct numbers £25
4 correct numbers £750
5 correct numbers £5,000
6 correct numbers £5,000,000

After the winners' names and amounts have been printed the program should print the amount of loss/profit the lottery has made. The loss/profit is the difference between the amount of money taken in bets and the amount of money paid out in winnings.

Displaying Bets A list of all bets placed will be displayed, showing both names and numbers.

Additional options

1. Before drawing the lottery numbers the program will check the bets file – if no bets file has been opened or the bets file is empty, an error message will be displayed

2. In displaying all bets, the list will be sorted in name order.

The program must be implemented as a Gui using Jbuilder3’s visual designer.

The program execution must demonstrate all the features you have implemented including validation and must be annotated to indicate which feature is being demonstrated. In addition you must complete the form below to show which features have been successfully implemented and invlude this as page 1 of your documentation.

Feature Fully Implemented Leave Blank
Tabbed-pane used to present choice of options
Bets file opened via file menu
Bets filename displayed in status bar
Bets validation - duplicate numbers rejected
Bets validation - numbers out of range rejected
Bets validation – non-digits rejected
Lucky dip option – 6 different numbers generated
Numbers written to file in ascending order
Displays list of all bets placed
Prints profit/loss report
Additional option 1
Additional option 2