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Thread: packages

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    I recently started studying Java servlets. The book I'm using uses a utilities class with several different methods. Every thing went well for a while, i.e., I could compile classes that referenced the utilities class. All classes are in the same package. Then out of the blue, I couldn't compile classes that referenced the utilities class, getting an error saying it didn't recognize the symbol for said utilities class. I found that if I removed the package statements then the code would compile. I entered the directory into the classpath with the same results. If it had never worked I'd assume the fault was with me, but that it did work and now it doesn't has me confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. JP

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    My brief "to be revisited" studies with servlets involved the use of Tomcat as a Servlet engine. All servlets were compiled within their Tomcat directories; one time, I did try compiling the servlets from my
    C:\jdk1.3.1\bin directory, and of course, it did not recognize the servlet class packages (which were all over in the Tomcat directory/engine) and did nothing.

    My hunch is that there is a path issue going on as far as the standard servlet classes, the package you are utilizing, and where you are compiling your servlets. Hope this may help point you in the right direction...

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