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    Aug 2002

    Question Game : Tux On The Run

    I am desperate to get 'tux on the run' on my site. I first found it on steinke.net and downloaded that and then because it didnt work, i downloaded the zip from heer (same .zip file infact). Anyway, it loads the applet but stalls saying 'loading images'. Now, i have uploaded all of the files and tried to put some files in a separte directory (like the zip file) and it still doesnt work. Obviously, if i had the software i could try and change the jar file but it is encrypted and doesnt make any sense when i open it in a different program.

    Could someone please help (is it me stuffing up or is it the game). I guess its me as it works on both the sites. Here's the script i used:

    CODEBASE = "."
    CODE = "Runtux.class"
    ARCHIVE = "tux.jar"
    NAME = "Runtux"
    WIDTH = 320
    HEIGHT = 320
    HSPACE = 0
    VSPACE = 0
    ALIGN = middle>

    <PARAM NAME = "zoom" VALUE = "false"></APPLET>

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    Aug 2002

    Thumbs up DONT WORRY

    Dont worry, i have fixed it with a little help from a certain Linda! Thanx


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