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Thread: dumb question of the day

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    Aug 2002

    Lightbulb dumb question of the day

    where can I get a copy of Java viewer please? (no such thing as a dumb question eh, this is close).

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    Hello Doctor,
    When you say 'java viewer', it's a bit confusing...
    What is the exact problem you are having? You see, most people 'view' java programs on the internet via Java Applets which are accessed through the html coding on a web page. You'll usually have the java 'plugin' to assist the browser in displaying the applet. There's a much more technical explanation, but I'm trying to simplify it.

    Now, if you are trying your hand at actually building the applet through the java programming language, then you need the whole java development kit (jdk 1.? -->4 is the most recent I believe).
    http://java.sun.com can provide you downloads for the plugin or the development kit free of charge, depending on your browser and operating system profiles.

    I hope this helps, or may clarify what you're asking.


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    Aug 2002
    Are you referring to " appletviewer " - if you have configured JDK correctly (I assuming that you have) then you can start the session by typing "appletviewer" at the command prompt or else if you are in the directory that contains the HTML page of applet then you can also type "appletviewer your_html_page" to start the applet.
    Trust this of some help - it is not a dumb question as you will be surprised that how many people do not use anything beyond "java" & "javac" command of JDK!

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