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    Countdown clocks

    I run a travel web site. I am looking for a countdown clock that a customer can place a date, and time (ie 8am or 8pm) they are leaving on their vacation. The clock needs to show how many months, days, hours, seconds.

    I get many requests for a clock that does this. Also if possible a way that they can copy the countdown to their computer.

    Is this something that can be done? Does this script already exsist?

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    Modified view

    I think that you need to modify your ends a bit - now you are looking for a service that will remind your customers of their travel dates. That is very nice - I will have to pull up my travel agent for being so laxed!

    But if you run it as an applet then the context of the applet will be destroyed as soon as the user closes the applet session or in other words the time will be initialized to zero again as soon the applet exits shutdown, reboot, closing browser or any number of resons) unless the user runs the applet non-stop which could be months as you've mentioned.

    So what you can do instead is to look for server side programming (since you already have a website). You can use servlet for instance that will work like a reminder service to send email to your customers or display remaining time when they visit your webapge. You can also add customizing features (frequency of reminder etc) to personalize your customer service.

    Applet is not particularly a good idea due to high security restrictions on applet to acheive the desired functionality. The security issue can be tackled by relaxing the applet sandbag security model but it requires client side configurations. I presume that convenience of clients is of importance in your case so you should restrict yourself to programming/configuring at your end.

    Servlet is just one way of doing it - other modes include CGI, ASP, PHP, Python and few more - it depends on what options are supported by your webservice provider.
    Trust this helps in broadening perspectives for seeking solution.

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    Offers a nice (free!) countdown applet which accepts date and time parameters (PST, GMT, etc) to assure the applet keeps an accurate time track. On load, it does display a small text ad for demon internet which goes away once the applet loads.

    It appears to accept other parameters for font, bg and other colors, along with image sources too! Looks pretty nice if you don't mind the ad.

    I would think there is some type of javascript/php/perl form you could create where your clients could input their variable countdown date, (and other parameters) to generate the html code they could cut and paste on their own machine, then just download the applet class from your server to allow it to run on their own system.


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