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    Aug 2002

    my tomcat start command does not work on newer version?

    I am having some problem with starting tomcat.
    I have version 3.3.1 at home and this seems to work.

    I need to also use tomcat at another location, where the version is 4.0.3
    At home to start tomcat I use the command:
    tomcat start
    and both seems to work.
    But at this other location, I get the error

    $ tomcat start
    bash: tomcat: command not found

    Here is all programs and files located when I go to the directoy of the bin folder at: /home/tomcat/jakarta-tomcat-4.0.3/bin

    bootstrap.jar digest.bat jspc.sh startup.bat
    catalina.bat digest.sh setclasspath.bat startup.sh
    catalina.sh jasper.bat setclasspath.sh tomcat.exe
    catalina.sh~ jasper.sh shutdown.bat tool-wrapper.bat
    cpappend.bat jspc.bat shutdown.sh tool-wrapper.sh

    Why does my commands tomcat start and startup not working???

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    Aug 2002
    You might try the "Lite" version which I believe does "pre-configure" the server.xml so that will likely run without any tweaking.

    I've found that the full version of tomcat does not "pre-configure" the server.xml file like the earlier versions of Tomcat did.

    If you go with the latest full version, you may need to "comment" out the stuff you probably don't use (like the "AJP 1.3 Connector", and "Apache-Connector Service" stuff).


    j w

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    Aug 2002
    >You might try the "Lite" version ....

    I am not given permission to install new programs at this other location.

    At home I start tomcat witht the command "tomcat start" since I shut Tomcat down after I finished using it. But at other location isn't it more likley that the web server will always be up, so I shouldn't need to physically start it??

    The reason I ask, is that I have found some manuals on tomcat written by one of System Adminstrator guys, he only mentions the requirement of "Tomcat web application context" area. So thus all I need to do is get a context area?????

    I could be wrong, but no one else is working with tomcat to help me, and also the SA who wrote the html page has left.

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    Sep 2002
    Tomcat version 4.0.3 doesn't use "tomcat start" and "tomcat stop". It uses "startup" and "shutdown". These two shell scripts (or .bat files if you are using Tomcat under Windows) are located in the bin directory under the root Tomcat directory.

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