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Thread: Please Help :)

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    Please Help :)

    hi, i'm trying to find the way to insert a thumbnail of an active webpage in a table cell. Does anyone knows if there's something available to do that....what i really wanna do is make a table with two columns, one with text desciption and the other with the image of the site referred, it's kind of a screen capture of the website's homepage.....if you know an applet or whatever, i'd be rather happppppyyyyyyy thanks

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    As you mentioned, it would have to be a screen capture and an image. I don't know of any way to do that without a graphics program. Java can grab html coding and display it on an applet, but it could be rather code-intensive and take up a lot of memory for every link or example (ie: table cell) on your page, making for a slooooo loading time on the user's machine.

    One suggestion or solution might be a javascript pop-up, where you can specify the page URL, the window-size and the window placement on the user's screen; for example, you can create a link, to.... this particular URL or page, that pops up in a 3" by 4" window which is 6" from the top of the viewer's monitor screen. This is done with javascript.

    Hope that helps!

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