MediaTracker. image tracks mouse PLEASE HELP!!!

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Thread: MediaTracker. image tracks mouse PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Question MediaTracker. image tracks mouse PLEASE HELP!!!

    i would like to put a picture and make it look as if the picture is attached to the mouse cursor. i would then set the cursor to opaque(true); and make it look as if the picture is the mouse cursor. i was wondering if anyone could provide me with a very simple code to do this. i tried using the MediaTracker but so far i've had no luck with the coding. i would prefer code that i could use for an application instead of an applet. thanks in advance. a link to a perfect example of what i'm looking for is here -

    the programmer used the MediaTracker to load the images, set the x and y coordinates and made it so that the picture moved according to the movement of the mouse cursor.

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    I think you are confusing between the MediaTracker class and the required functionality.
    MediaTracker is used only for loading images or media objects to be precise though presently only images are supported.

    After images are loaded you may do anything with those images - load it for cursor (in your case), create animation , any kind of graphic manipualtion - the possibilities are unlimited..

    I have just loaded Red Hat 7.3 and have not configured java for my browser. I will get back after checking the URL you provided.

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    Hi, eclipse150m

    In addition to what Pankaj has said, have you thought about customising the mouse cursor instead? Below is a link to a page with details on how to do this :

    And below is another link for someone else's attempt to produce a customised cursor :

    Hope these are of some use to you.

    Kind regards
    Joyous Monkey

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    just checked the centipedo game URL you posted- VERY INTERESTING game .

    Right now I am off to playing it - will post reply after cooling off with the game

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