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    Sep 2002

    dircting java buttons to a local file.

    I am developeing my first real website. It's all for fun and knowledge. I used an applet from Javaboutique for my navigation buttons. The coding works great when the value="any url". Mt whole site is not online and I am developing it on my computer so, the value has to = a file on my hard drive. I am having trouble finding the right parameter. here's the example.

    <param name="Link" value="asteroids.htm">

    asteroids.htm is in the same directory as the above code and it activates if I click directly on it.How do I tell the button to activate asteroids.htm? I imagine that I must replace the "Link" with another attribute.
    I tried guiding the value= through my computer(C:\\Windows\etc.. to find the file but it doesn't work either.
    Steve, the wannabe programmer

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    Jul 2002


    Howdy Steve,
    one key to your question may be your note about the parameter requirements.

    The parameter name (ie: 'link' ) should not be changed, because this name is referenced in the java.class applet file. But, as you realize, the values can be changed to customize the applet for your site.

    The value note you mention may be a big hint, more specifically, where it reads, " value = ' anyURL ' "

    The reference to 'URL' makes me think that the programmer wants you to put in a URL address, rather than a file reference, ie:

    URL: http://www.internet.com/newreply.php
    file reference: newreply.php

    While both of the above point to the same file, one (URL) tells a browser how to get to the file, whereas the other (file reference) is just the name of the file.

    If you upload this to a web server, and want to reference the file, you may have to provide the full URL to it as well:
    URL: http://www.yourwebsitename.com/filename.html
    ...even if the file is right there in the same directory as the applet!!!

    So the program may only work with a full URL address.
    Certain java programs use coding which requires very specific parameters, including a full URL, and will not work if it's part of a url, or just a 'file' location.

    Do you have the name of the applet you downloaded? It might help to know what it's doing and look at the other parameters.

    Hope this helps! ;-)

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    Sep 2002

    Thanks Jimmenees

    The applet is called clickit - It is for menu buttons under the navigation area I do believe.

    So my next question would then be....Does everyone who designs sites have the webspace already or do they design them on their home PC and then upload it? I realize that the second choice requires reworking all of your link information but i didn't see that as a huge problem for a personal site. Should I be using webspace and continually test my site there?

    Let me know if I must provide a url or if this can be altered in some way to work on my local system.
    Steve, the wannabe programmer

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    Jul 2002


    Hi Steve,
    I searched for "clickit' at javaboutique.com under applet name and under navigation: buttons, but could not find it... any more hints???

    I'll respond to you off-line/email regarding web dev question.

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