I created the infamous "Hello World," program in
applet form and application form. I was able to
compile and run them both locally using the JVM
and Applet Viewer. But I need to post these
programs to a web server so they are available to
the world. Both programs run using the JVM and
the applet works in the local IE browser too.
But neither work on the server when trying access
via URL. I have two problems:

1 - For the applet, I uploaded the .class file
.java file and .html file. I believe my html
is correct cuz it runs locally in my IE browser,
along with the JVM. But the applet does not
load in the browser when I retrieve it using the
URL. The error I get is
FormatError: HelloWorld(Extra byt...)
The server is a Solaris platform administrated
by my University. What am I supposed to do on
the server end to get this applet to work?

2 - How do I serve the application version of
this program from the .class and .java files
that I have created locally and that function
locally in the JVM?

Thanks in advance!