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Thread: Web Development

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    Question Web Development

    We are in the beginning stages of moving one of our large accounting applications to the web. The tools we are considering are Oracle Designer and JDeveloper. I am pushing the use of Java, but am having some resistance due to coworkers who have experience in Designer. Does anyone have any information or references about the pros or cons to using either tool? One concern I have is that if our application is too large that we can't use JSP. Is this true? I am having a difficult time finding hard evidence to support my claim of Java being the best route. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    I think you have all arguments on your side. You can ask Oracle opinion. You also can approach this project from Web Services prospective. Somehow (without knowledge of you application) I have a sense that SOAP wrapped existing application could be delivered as Web-based in shorter time than otherwise. Don't be discouraging with JSP/Servlets/EJB combination, check something like Struts MVC from the Open Source.

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