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Thread: Annoying problem

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    Angry Annoying problem

    Hi there,

    if have an annoying problem... I've written an applet white an image, 2 buttons and a slider. When you start the applet the buttons and slider are loaded first and the image gets painted over those components. If you click on the area where the components should be, they appear. Resizing the applet window helps too.

    I thought, well, load the image first, and THEN the buttons and slider. WRONG! One of the buttons covers the entire applet and nothing is visible accept for that one button... So that doesn't work either....

    What am i doing wrong?

    I hope someone can help me!
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    I had a similar problem a while back. My button took up the whole app and no one could see the rest of my components. I solved the problem by using layouts. Here are a couple of links to some good tutorials on layouts:

    Btw, to get the desired affect you might want to create several panes (one for the buttons, one for the image, etc) and put them all on your main pane (your main pane should have a borderlayout so you can set the other panes as CENTER, NORTH, SOUTH, etc).

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    Thumbs up A day trying

    Thnx for the advice. I think i'm going to read those tutorials and try some things out. I'll let you know if it's working.
    Greetz, IdunnO

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    Do you have a reason why only the image is visible and the other components not, accept for when you click on the area where they should be?

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