I'm trying to make run in WebLogic 7 an MDB,
it seems well configured,
in the XML descriptor ,JNDI names of the destination and the ConnectionFactory

correspond respectively to a destination wich I have created after having
created a JMS server in WBL7 and to a ConnectionFactory
in the client ,
I have
-first obtain an InitialContext
-then a look-up on the QueueConnectionFactory
-then createQueueConnectionFactory
-after createQueueSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
-after a look-up on the Queue
-and then .createSender(queue)
- and finally createTextMessage();
to have a simple Textmessagen

in the administration console of Weblogic
in "monitor all MDB du .jar"
for this MDB there 0 bean in Pool,0bean in use
and the JmsConnectionAlive indicate False,
it seems curious

and then in the doc they says something about permission
an "run as principal" wich need to be put to "receive"
but I didn't exactly understand where
because the doc isn't completle up-to-date
and refer to 6,it seems
because int the WBL7 the ACL are suppressed

somebody could help me,
thanks in advance