Hi volks!

I need a little help.
I have a matrix which has 25 rows and 4 columns (it's defined "MiaSquadra[25][4]").
What I wanna do is to transfer the datas from this matrix to an empty exisiting file called "juventus.txt".
But the writing must be personalized, in fact I would like to write 25 rows (corresponding to the rows of the matrix) and each rows should be composed by the datas from the 4 columns with a symbol "%" as delimitator.

MiaSquadra[1][1] = Christian Buffon
MiaSquadra[1][2] = P
MiaSquadra[1][3] = Juventus
MiaSquadra[1][4] = 23

so I should open the file "juventus.txt" (which is empty) and write the first row that must appears like follow:

Christian Buffon%P%Juventus%23

and so on for the remaining rows till 25.
I tried in different ways to do this but I failed
I am new in Java and maybe I wrong just some small thing
Can someone suggest me the code?

Thanks in advanced!!!!
Bye miriam