Hello all, Wrec It here with a "sales pitch" of sorts. About a yr ago some guys got together and wrote a Java version of Axis & Allies (a board game based on WW II) This game also has a CD version but it is filled with bugs. They called their game Triple A.

I am here to ask if anyone would be interested in taking the work done on Triple A and converting it to 2 other games based on the same rules. These games are Axis & Allies Europe and Axis and Allies Pacific.

The major difrences between the new project that I am proposing and the original Triple A are having to create a new map and add a few new pieces to what the origanal game has. Also there are some new Rule twists that differ from the origanal game.

I am just a dumb carpenter with an idea. I am afraid that I will be of no hope in the programing aspects. I have contacted the programmer that did Triple A and he said he would be more than happy to give out the source code for his work to use as a base.

Unfortunatly there is no money to pay for this. All I can offer to you is that if you take on this project you will have the graditude of many who love these games And we will promise to sing your praises on all Message Boards from here to eternity

If interested please post here or contact me at cdissues@earthlink.net