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    Lightbulb Java communication between machines in PPP/IP protocol?


    I need to write an application to receive inputs from a remote server. The communication interface between my machine and the remote server is :

    Network : LAN
    Speed : 100 Mbps
    Operating Mode : Synchronous
    Protocol : PPP
    Interface : IP

    I have read that Java Socket classes support TCP/IP protocol, with no mention of PPP. Could anyone please tell me if i can still use Java socket in this context, i.e. with PPP protocol? How about using Java NIO in Java SDK 1.4, what classes should I use then?

    Thanks in advance.

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    just read this as guidance - I am not sure as I have never done anything with protocols in Java.

    PPP - is a "Point to Point" protocol and is used for estalishing connection such as when you dial with your modem or with ADSL or likewise.

    Once a connection is established i.e your machine has an IP munber allocated to it then you can use any of the several hundreds protocols like TCP/IP (it is actually a family of protocol like http, ftp, telnet. finger etc) to create a socket for a particular network functionality like transeferring data, executing commands etc.

    If you are able to establish sockets then you can move on with your code and need not worry about the PPP part.

    Hope this helps

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