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    trying to password protecting web pages or better way?


    I am trying to password protect a few links on an internal web site. Currently when you click on the link it asks you for a password, enter the password and on you go to the page.

    Is there a way to instead of entering a password, have it check the permissions on your user account and let you in? I'm using a win2k server network.

    I want to make it easy for my help desk techs to get into support pages, but limit end users from being able to get into some (mildly) sensitive info on certain pages.


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    Hi, Brienprime

    Would I be correct in understanding you are talking about an intranet system rather than an internet web site? If so, I seem to recall that Win2k has all sorts of password abilities and permissions built-in. If it's an intranet the administrator should be able to set up the logon accounts for help desk techs to access sensitive files, whilst general users would have their accounts unable to do this. I should stress Win2k is NOT my strong point.

    If it's an internet, web-based system you'll need to make use of a server-side vetting system. Again, Win2k is not my strong point, but I seem to recall talk of Front Page extensions being used. Failing that, some form of cookies may be used. Try searching using ,eg, Google for more information...

    Joyous Monkey

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    Intranet? well...sorta.

    It's just a few directories with some html files in them. Nothing is set up in IIS or anything like that.

    I was hoping that there was a way to get a java applet that would check your username and compare it on the server. as oppesed to how i have it now which is: i've given certain users rights to get into the directory and others not. But if i need to go to a users PC and try to access the folder, I'll be logged in as them and wont be able to get into the folder to view the pages.

    i also wanted to see if it could be programmed to forward users to another page that says "no permission to view" instead they just get (i think) a 404 error if they dont have permission.

    thanks for your help.

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