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    Oct 2002

    just beginning java: trying to download and install the JDK

    I'm just starting Java, and I was wondering if anyone could give some help about these subjects:

    I've got the JDK, but when I click the folder, there are a million links to different pieces of the JDK. I don't know which one to open, and with some of them it says windows can't open them because it doesn't know where it came from. Please help!
    I'm using Windows XP.

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    Sep 2002
    HI, hedgehog3, and welcome to the wonderful world that is Java.

    I'm assuming that you want to start writing programs... If you click on the following link:


    it will take you to a page that should get things started for you. Basically, you'll need to write the code in a simple text utility (NOT Word, etc; notepad is fine). The code is then saved in the relevant directory (I just shove mine into the Java\bin coz I'm lazy.) Next you'll need to open up the Command Prompt of Win XP and compile the code. Don't be too surprised if you get any error messages. Just check your typing Next you run the application. Full instructions are given in the link (above).

    Joyous Monkey.

    PS any problems, please feel free to post again in New to Java forum, or wherever relevant.

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