Frontpage 2002 and simple java thingys

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Thread: Frontpage 2002 and simple java thingys

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    Cool Frontpage 2002 and simple java thingys

    hi to all of those with the patience to help people like me. running frontpage 2002 and am learning as i go. just wanted to put few things up on kids soccer pages then custom one for daddy with news/sports/weather stocks ect..

    ok.. here we go.. i figured out if i want to add weather (from say the i follow the instructions it coughs up html code i copy it then in frontpage2002, insert html ( and paste it there) it worked cool... i would use the mnsbc weather but it wont play in netscape (will take any sugguestions there too) ok enough of that.. i came across several sites free java this applets that.. all i want to do is add a vertical message scroller (yes i have downloaded about 3 or 4 of them) i figured heck just do same copy/paste code..but they arent working.. a small digital clock as well would be nice again cut paste but no dice.i really appreciate the free code the trouble is with me the copy paste doenst seem to be working as easy as i thought it would. i merely want a simple (transparent) vertical message banner that i can put things like links to other sites, and upcoming game schedules ideally i would like a news feed (for my self later) there a simple step by step for frontpage 2002 insertion that i can get this stuff to work?

    here are the links to what i have downloaded (but via copy/paste cant get to work )


    just having a tough time getting these two simple items into mypage any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Hiya SpeedPuppy,
    It's difficult to diagnose your situation and offer a solution without seeing some sample code. Do you have anything uploaded to the net to peek at? If not, feel free to email me offline with a sample page.

    Many of the web programs have different ways of importing code into the html page. I'm not sure how Frontpage2002 does it, but I'll check an old (dusty) version of FP2000 to see what it does.

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