Simple question I DON'T know the answer to

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Thread: Simple question I DON'T know the answer to

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    Question Simple question I DON'T know the answer to

    Hello everyone. This is my first post also my first question. I just started using Java about three months ago. So far I've really only done the basics. Still trying to learn it. Anyway, on with the question.

    For my java class I have built a simple program to genreate a random number and then display the number. NOW I am charged with the task of building a GUI interface for this small program. I have already built the interface but I cannot for the life of me figure out the syntax involved in calling my custom number class and displaying the result on a canvas in my GUI program.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Hi, Myth. Welcome !

    Could you be a bit more specific as to how you want to display the random number ? If your GUI has a TextField or JTextField, Label or JLabel you can easily display it there. Or were you looking at an alert-type of display ?

    Joyous Monkey

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    The GUI interface contains a canvas. I was trying to display the output of the RandomNumber.Class ON the canvas itself. Is that even possible?

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    you might be able to write it with this (not sure if it works)

    drawString("Number: " + varName , x, y);

    though a text field would be better
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    Here's Sun's own page dealing with Canvas

    Hope it helps


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    Thank you for the replies guys. From reading your posts I got the idea to use a text field instead of the canvas and now it works. It seems that its a LOT easier to use the text field than the canvas. Anyway Thanks again guys.

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