I posted this in the java section because I feel java programmers would know what is going on the best. The problem I am experiencing is with my virtual tour java applet that I bought. I used layers to make my virtual tour viewer. Below the java applet I created a caption and description. If I have the java applet on the page I get a javascript error caused by the java applet stating that the layer with the caption and description doesn't exist. If I comment out the java applet the caption and description works o.k. This is not a problem in internet explorer just netscape 4 although I have not tested in all browsers yet. If I put a table around the java applet that is in a div tag both the caption, description and java applet will both show but the java applet does not change to the next photo when pressing the next and back buttons. Go here http://www.websites4homefinders.com/...mo/vt_demo.cfm to see the webpage.