Fairly new to Java and need some help creating a GUI. I am trying to build a speech therapy tool for children with speech impediments. When they 'perform' correctly they are 'rewarded' with a small animation. I was hoping to accomplish the animation by displaying an animated .gif to the screen as an icon.

Currently I have created an internal frame to display the image. Here is my real problem. The gif only does the animation sequence once. If I open the internal frame again with the same image the animation does not repeat itself. I have tried to load the image in a loop to see if this will maintain the illusion of constant animation but no luck. I have also tried loading the image alternating it with a blank image to see if this will maintain animation. So far nothing has worked. Is there any way to load an animated gif into a GUI and have it retain CONTINUOUS animation?

If not, does anybody have any other ideas on animation options and how to implement it?

Using Java 2 sdk v.1.4.1
Platform Windows 98