I am trying to run an applet into my web page. The applet will load but when I try to display calculations in the test field or text area nothing happens. The code works fine on my computer. If I take out the string and parsing functions and just hard code a literal string within quotes it will display that.
I have attached one of the functions for reference, I hope this is okay. This is the first time I have posted anything here.

if (source == timeButton){
double paceIn = Double.parseDouble (paceField.getText());
double distanceIn = Double.parseDouble(distanceField.getText());
double timeValue = (distanceIn * paceIn);
String timeText = Double.toString(timeValue) + " ";
timeText = timeText.substring(0,5);
answerField.setText("It will take you approximately " + timeText + " minutes.");

I also had to change all my components from J components to just applet components because nothing would run with the J Components. Could it be the server? Would it help if I attached the entire java file?
Please help.