In a few months, I will be moving to the Northern NJ area because my wife
(a vet) is starting up a practice in that area. Because of this upcoming
move, I am looking to start a new job in that area. However, thus far my
job search has been fruitless to say the least. I have a MS in Computer
Science and 8 years of experience doing software development in a variety
of relevant, in-demand languages, so I definitely I am definitely not one
of the legions of "new grads" with paper credentials and no real-world skills.
I've been around the block a few times as they say.

The most frustrating thing is that I see postings for jobs in the newpapers
and on the web (hotjobs, monster, dice, etc) advertising for positions that
I _know_ I would be perfect for. I have the skills, experience, and education
these people seem to want, yet it seems like my resume ane cover letter is
getting lost in the shuffle.

I have a couple of theories:

- With the job market tight, everybody and their mother is sending resumes
to every open position. Because of this flood of resumes, the good ones
get lost in among all of the marginal ones.

- Companies are advertising for positions that they don't want to fill.
I know of at least one company that puts ads in the paper for jobs that they
don't intend to fill because they have to satisfy H1-B visa requirements.
I would like to think that this wouldn't be a widespread trend, but given
the lack of corporate ethics these days I wouldn't be too surprised.

- Perhaps I'm not marketting myself well enough. I started out by sending
the same stock resume and cover letter to everyone. Now I am custom writing
each cover letter based upon the description of the position. Still, this
doesn't seem to help.

- I do not usually follow up with a phone call. Now I know there are those
that like to always follow up, but I haven't been doing this because I don't
want to spam anyone. I figure that these people have enough to do without
me bugging them by begging them for an interview. Besides, my resume and
cover letter has always been enough to get a response. However, I am thinking
of changing this strategy.

- I am not as perfect as I think I am. With all of the layoffs, perhaps
I am now competing with people with twice my experience and I am just not
making the first cut.

The most frustrating thing is that this is really the first time I have had
this type of trouble getting a job (not that I've been job-hopping or anything
like that). When I graduated from school in '93, the economy was just as
bad as it is now, but I was still able to get some "bites" as a new grad.
It is starting to make me very cynical about the whole job hunting process
altogether. It's not so bad since I still have my job in my old city, so
it is not like we are living on Ramen noodles. However, it would be nice
to join my wife in NJ once she starts her practice up!

Thanks for letting me vent. If anyone has similar experiences or advice,
I would love to hear from you!

Job Seeker in NJ