I have an assignment that seems pretty hard to me:

Write two seperate Java applications: StackServer and StackClient

The application StackServer creates and manages a Hashtable (see: java.util). It also provides the services to other applications to add, remove, and get items from the Hashtable.

The application StackClient allows the user to enter information strings (type String) and associate them with clue strings (type String). The user of the StackClient can retrieve and delete information strings by providing the corresponding clue string.

For StackClient use a graphics interface consisting of two textfields (one for information string and one for clue string) and a set of buttons to perform add, remove, and get information strings.

To facilitate the communication between StackClient and StackServer use sockets provided by java.net package.

Suggestions, hints, tips...anyone.?.?.helpppp...lol!