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    Saeed Guest

    Size Problem with getBundle Methode

    Good Day,

    I may have stumbled onto a bug with getBundle methode of ListResourceBundle
    class. If this is NOT the forum to post such issues, your assistance in pointing
    to the right one is appreciated.

    There seems to be a limitation as to the NUMBER of the pairs in the Object
    [][] contents array of the subclasses of ListResourceBundle, and not just
    the size limitation of 64K. If there are more than certain number of pairs,
    the calling program throws java.util.MissingResourceException.

    The error (Code of a method longer than 65535 bytes) does not seem to be
    relevant, because replacing long entries, with more than 10 words, with
    single word entries should work. But it doesn't.

    Has anybody seen a similar case?


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    Muslimah Guest

    Re: Size Problem with getBundle Methode

    "Saeed" <java.@> wrote:
    >Salaam Alaikum Ineed help too!!

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