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    Nov 2002

    java code ino applets

    Ok heres the situation,
    I pieced together a bunch of Java functions into an ATM program. I can run the program from the dos prompt perfectly by compiling then running it.
    Heres the problem, How do I put the code into applets or webpages so I can make it into a website.
    for example one page would be the pin number and account number page and it would link to the rest of the site depending on what the customer wants to do

    Please help, any info would be much appreciated

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    Nov 2002
    To make an applet, chances are that you will want to make a GUI(unless you want to make the users type into the JRE box?) A good place to start would probably be http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/

    Making an Awt or Swing interface is probably a little beyond a single reply.

    If it's a real ATM interface, as in it will be working with a real bank account, I'm not entirely sure I would use an Applet personally...not too terribly secure(though I've never worked much with secure Java)...my choice would be a secure servlet. Good luck!

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