How to upload to HTML.

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Thread: How to upload to HTML.

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    How to upload to HTML.

    Is there any java out there that would enable users to upload data to a folder, that users can browse and download from through a webpage. I suppose this is very similar to yahoo photo albums etc..

    Any ideas?

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    Upload to HTML.

    I assume you want to want to run a Java program that allows you to upload files/photos to your own computer from the net? In this case you will need to run a server on your computer and register with a dynamic ip company to update your ip. If this is in fact what you want to do I can run you through the process, but it will take a while. As for upload programs there are several. A good one, and free, is FileManager, which you cn find on the net, if you Google search for filemanager and Java. I have attached this program for you to have a look at.
    See ya
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