navigate, submit info to remote website?

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Thread: navigate, submit info to remote website?

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    Question navigate, submit info to remote website?

    I have never used java before, and I was wondering if using Java it is possible to monitor a webpage. Specifically I would like to create a Java application that reads a webpage (refreshing the page constantly) for specific text apearing periodically, and follow a link for that text on the webpage when it apears. In addition i would then like it to read a number on the following page and hit a submit button. Is this possible with Java?

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    That's very possible in Java, though it may take you just a while to program it-but I could be wrong. A nice learning project, perhaps?

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    Great News

    Thank you for the help as it is greatly appreciated. I will quicken my efforts to learn Java as a result. I will most likely have to post at a later date for more specific technical help, however anyone viewing this post is more than welcome to give any furthur opinions or technical tips relevant to this project as they are greatly appreciated even if they will only later become clear.

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    this link may help you on your journey
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