Please help guys, i will fail my class if i fail this project

I got this code from a friend and is using it for my project. It's a realtime auction. From the name, you guys can guess that the auction is gonna be held in a java chat applet. The problem is, the auctioner AKA server has to send auction comments, e.g.: "Auction start now. First item to be acutioned is a Car, asking price is 5000, seller idis 23"

Now, those comments are available in a database in different tables. The trivia is how to make a menu on the server side application that shows list of items to be auctioned that day, which when clicked will sent information retrieved from database to all connected clients.

I am using JDK 1.4.1_01, Windows 2000, and Access database. The mclients database is used for login. The data database is used for retrieving information that is going to be sent to all connected clients. The source files are below:

source 300KB

Thanx for any help. I am new in JAVA, very new.