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    Question drop down menu - if your smart

    HELP to anyone smart out there.... here's my problem... i am re-designing my boss's website and i would like to make a top frame and a frame below it... i would like to make the top frame the NAV frame and the bigger window the content (main frame) frame... my problem is i can't seem to find a applet that i will allow me to costomize it the way i want and be able to 'pull out' over my main frame window

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    If you're using frames on a page, I don't think it can happen because a frame is an entirely different window document of the web page. It would not make sense to let an applet's contents spill over from one frame atop another. Now, if you want to switch to layers, and have a fixed top navigational layer, and a bottom content layer, that could be done using an applet and some dhtml (javascript and css).


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    thank you

    Jim, thank you very much for you reply and your comments on my site design…. I am currently creating a ‘new look’ for the site which has the top layer as a NAV layer and the bottom or middle layer as the content… I was just trying to get a hold of a edible source code that would allow me to do that.. but if you say that is not possible.. I will have to take your word for it…. Thanks again..


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