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    Nov 2002

    Couple Questions

    1:) is their a way to get the Person's IP who is running the Applet ?

    2:)Anyone have any Example on how to use the html Tag Parameter

    3:) Anyone have some code of a SIMPLE rotating Cube ?

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    Nov 2002
    1.) i don't think an applet can get the IP address of the network they are running on except from the the host where it came from. it's an exception of some sort to try to get an IP address from another computer. this is as far as i know. maybe someone out there found a way to get around this so maybe you can search the web for this...

    2.)HTML tag parameter in applets?

    3.)i saw a rotating cube somwhere in the demo folder of JDK1.3. you should look at it.

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    Nov 2002
    1: Yes in a Applet
    2: That Example has way to much Code in it for me to understand just the cude part

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    Nov 2002
    if you are good in math, it won't be that hard for you to make a cube. you have to compute points so that it stays as a cube while it's rotating. but the rest is up to Grapchics.

    i don't know about HTML tags in applets. but some swing components support HTML tags. why don't you check the doumentation.

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