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    Question Number to a String

    Hi, thank you in advance to anyone who can help me out...i need to change a "double" into a "String"...
    i tried to use the myString = myDouble.toString(), but it said that i couldn't dereference double...i need to turn the double into a String because i am placing the value into a setText() method...if i try to put the double in as an argument it says it is not allowed...i assume i need to put in a String argument, setText(String)...any info will be much appreciated....

    also, i was curious if there is a "forward space" command just like the "back space" command...i know the back space is "\b" but i wanted to delete text from the front of a string using the forward space command...

    Thank you all

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    A double is a primitive but the method you are using works only on an object. You'd either have to make the double as an object - Double myDouble = new Double(yourDouble) - first, or you can get the String straight from it by using the static method - myString = Double.toString(yourDouble).

    Not sure about the forward space thing. I know you can use trim() to remove unwanted white space, if that's what you need or you could make a substring specificying the start and end, but just miss out the character you don't need. Otherwise, look at using StringBuffer as that has slightly more complicated functions.

    Hope that helps.

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    Wink Thanx

    Thanks a lot Meethoss, ur advice helped me out 100%...i'm no longer stuck...i'm sure i'll have some more questions...c-ya

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    No problem! It's a pleasure to be of service

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