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Thread: Help with webpage

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    Question Help with webpage


    It's been a long while since I've made a webpage and there have been a lot new things since that time.

    I have seen sites where you can click on a smaller image then a larger image will pop up in it's own window, that's form fitting (or is the exact size of the other image), and when you go to right click on the window the window goes away.

    I want to do this for two reasons, I don't want bandwidth stealers to have the URL and I also don't want my work to be saved. I know it can still be found in the temp files if the person knows to look there but the average surfer has no idea what that is!

    So if anyone can help me with the code for the above type window deal I would be very very grateful!!

    Thanks so much!

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    You have an interesting question; unfortunately it involves javaSCRIPT which is different from JAVA. This is a discussion list about the programming language Java. does have one for JavaScript located at:

    You may wish to post your question there so that those experienced and interested in Javascript can respond to your question there.


    Jim Menees

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