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Thread: Java Applet Without Minimise Or Close Button

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    Lightbulb Java Applet Without Minimise Or Close Button

    I am one of the student of Diploma in Computer Technology. As part of our curriculam we are now doing a project using JAVA. Our project is to create a CYBER CAFE Software to track each systems of the CYBER CAFE. Each registered user needs to enter USERNAME and Password before doing browsing.
    How we will create an username and password entry applet without MINIMISE OR CLOSE Button. That means.. he/she should enter the username and password. He should not skip this process.
    Other processes are over and we are waiting for a solution for this process only. Waiting for your early reply. Send ur reply to


    Suresh Babu V. S
    Trivandrum, Kerala
    Suresh Babu V. S
    TC 15/343, CSM Nagar : 223
    Trivandrum 695 010
    Kerala, India
    Phone : +91 471 2311479
    Email :

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    You don't need to make one without a close or minimize button, but instead, after they enter a correct user name and password, you should set a variable, and if they want to do anything do a check to see if that variable is set, if not then they don't ahve a valid user name/password so you can prompt them for it. Hope this helps.

    - Master Of Souls

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