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    Manually uncompressing WAR file

    I have a completed JSP/servlet website that I'm trying to deploy on a webhosting site but I'm having some problems. The root directory is apparantly /html and then there's a /web-inf folder in that that containts a /classes and /lib folder. I've tried placing the war file in the /html and the /web-inf folder and having them restart tomcat, but it won't automatically uncompress the war file. I don't have access to any of the server configuration files. Is there a line of code I can use to telnet in and manually extract the war file?

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    Normally with Tomcat I think you have to have access to the configuration files (like web.xml) or a configuration servlet to deploy the servlets. If you're using a service like www.mycgiserver.com then they have their own individual ways. With wars what I do it put them in the directory above the root directory...then add it to the web.xml and you don't have to decompress them...the newer Tomcats do it on their own.

    I'm no professional with Tomcat...in fact, I got rid of it, so this is about as much help as I wanted...stuff like this confused me too much. Good luck.

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