I am setting some session values in event handlers

session.setAttribute("datapart", strData);
session.setAttribute("db", strProgram);

then retrieving them in other event handlers.

everything works fine through my browser but not
browsers on some other boxes.

on these pcs the values do not seem to stay once
execution leaves the event handler that
sets the value.

the getAttribute("db") returns a null.

I have jdk1.3 on my box and it works in netscape
and IE.

I have another box that has the jre on it, and it
works in netscape but not IE.

I have another box that has IIS server on it and
it works on IE. ( netscape is not installed on
that one, yet ! )

and I have found yet another box that it works for
both IE and Netscape and that box only
has VisStudio

I tried using putValue and getValue, but it didn't
make any difference.

clients connecting to my servlet will not typically
have any java installed on their machines.

does anyone have any idea what may be causing this