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    Feb 2003

    help for a total newbie


    Please forgive what be a very simple sulution to a beginners question.


    I just downloaded Java a few days ago and read all I could on setting the path and classpath.
    I set path as

    I am a bit confused on setting the classpath for classes.
    one place said I had to set it as


    I am confused since the ending part of this path does not exist in the lib folder or any zip file for that matter.

    when I downloaded "helloworld test file" put it in its ownfolder
    and set the classpath to that folder

    At c prompt I type

    javac HelloWorldApp.java

    It opens my windows pop up for "choose the program I would like to open this file or application with"

    I've tried everything I could read about setting the paths
    etc but nothing is working.
    Again this may be a stupid question for some, but then again I'm thick
    Can someone head me in the right direction please?

    Thank you for helping a newbie : )

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    Nov 2002
    you have problems with using java and javac at the commad prompt?

    i don't use XP, ME or 2000, only Win 9x versions. at command prompt type: path=%path%;drive:\name where jdk was installed\bin
    you won't get a bad command or file message after you've set a path to the required directory

    you don't really need to set classpath unless you want to separate your source files from your class files.

    if you are trying to open a java class file in windows in order to run your program, it will/should prompt you for a program to open this type of file. don't do that. you can't do that. however jar files are there for this purpose ( like you don't have to open a command prompt ), but being new and all to java, you don't need to do this yet. open and compile programs in command prompt. if you are using JBuilder, JCreator and it's likes, well... that's another story...

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    Feb 2003

    Thumbs up THanks LEX

    I thank you for taking the time for a newbie. Everything is working fine now.

    I think the problem was some good meaning friends I Web Design with were trying to help, however they explained at a level they understand, not that I understand.

    Again thanks for explaining it to me as a beginner can grasp it. I am very grateful

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