I'm new to Java, and I published an applet to the web.

If you click the button, the text box will display "The Scorpion King"

It's nothing fancy, but it only works for me and 2 other people. Why ? The 3 of us have the Java Plug-In enabled for our browsers. 6 other people I talked to said all they see is a grey box and a message saying something like "load: class not found" (can't remember exactly).

I searched Microsoft's website and found that MS tried not supporting Sun's Java applets, but then they got sued for it, and now they have to support Sun's applets, and they are also going to phase out their own VM and replace it with Sun's.

For people who don't have the Java Plug-in, is there anything I can do to make the applet work for them ? MS is supposed to include the Sun VM in a service pack, but that might take a while.

Thank you,