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    Applet window as background?

    Being a fairly recent convert to Java programming and all that it can do, I'm terribly stuck on something.

    Can I have the applet window as a background, and place text and/or pictures over the top of it? If it was an HTML effect I could probably do it using DIV codes but they dont seem to want to work.

    As an example, I'm using the Space Flight applet on this site. I've modified it so it takes up all the unused browser window - which is fine (as far as it goes) but I can't overlay any text or images onto it, meaning that all the interesting stuff has to go below it.

    Can anyone help me?

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    hello there,
    i havn't seen a java applet used as a background for html pages before but you can put your images and text in the applet the only problem is that you need the applet's source code. hope that helped.
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