I have a web site at http://tmm.2ya.com containing also a lot of java games, some of them here from javaboutique.

I have downloaded from java.sun.com the new version java2 1.4.1. Thereafter a lot of my game applets did not work anymore when I visited my web site.

I've got a coffee cup (which is new) in the upper left hand corner before the applets were loading and the ones which did not work anymore where showing a red "x" instead and the area remained gray (as usual if applets don't load)

I then took "use Java2v 1.4.1. for <applets>" out of my IE 6.0 browser settings and everything was back to normal.

I understood that Java 2v1.4.1. was fully compatible downwards.

What shall I do? Should I take all these games out sooner or later as they do not meet the new standards or what is the problem? Should they be called up with a different code or are those applets just outdated?

Can anyone help?