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Thread: downloads from website

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    Question downloads from website

    I don`t know if java is the right place to post this question, but it says all questions are accepted, so i figure someone here will know how to do what i want to do. I want to be able to upload a program such as a pop up blocker to my website and have my users be able to download it. I know how to upload, i don`t know how to enable a download thx.

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    Well, this isn't really the place for that, it'd probably go in a general questions forum, but oh well. What you should do it this: find out the where the file's uploaded onto (the exact folder location, for example if you had an account at geocities, by default it'd lead to the location
    What you have to do is make a link to that file. For argument's sage, let's say it was pacman.exe and your account name was PacmanRocks. This is what the link would look like:
    Link to Pacman!

    Hope this helps!

    - Master Of Souls

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